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You can create IAM roles directly from the AWS console. You can also create IAM users and roles from the RosettaHUB console and assign them bespoke policies. IAM roles are essential if you want to create applications that need access to AWS resources. More information on IAM roles can be found here.

You can use readily available roles for services such as EMR, Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda:

  1. EMR:
    1. EMR_DefaultRole
    2. EMR_EC2_DefaultRole
  2. Elastic Beanstalk
    1. aws-elasticbeanstalk-service-role
    2. aws-elasticbeanstalk-ec2-role
  3. Lambda
    1. RosettaHubExecutionRoleWithS3
    2. RosettaHubBasicExecutionRole
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