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RosettaHUB has created an application that helps you to be compliant with GDPR. It allows you to load an Excel spreadsheet with users details and send them emails to invite them to join RosettaHUB and AWS. By clicking on the link on the emails the users will have confirmed that they agree with the relevant terms and applications and their application to join the platform will will processed automatically.

Files that you can load to the application have to follow these templates:

Please see the previous article for how to fill in the spreadsheets

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install the RosettaHUB application on your PC
  2. Log-in with your RossettaHUB credentials
  3. Select your login under the connected sessions
  4. Click on Navigate then Stmp Server
  5. Fill in the form with your Smtp server details, this will save a crypted file of your Smtp server settings on your PC
  6. Click on Navigate then Invitations
  7. Click on the button "Load registrations from Excel file"
  8. Select the file you want to load from your PC, then click Open
  9. All registrations will appear in the New Users table except users that have already registered under your organization or users that have erroneous data.
  10. Select the users you want to invite, click on Send Registration emails
  11. If your Smtp server details are correct, an email will be sent to all users that were selected
  12. Users to whom you have sent emails will have the checkbox Email Sent marked


Please note that you can only invite users if you manage a RosettaHUB institution or sub-organization