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Organizations allow you to create a custom hierarchy within your institution and assign management rights to educators/System administrators that take responsibility of a unit within the institution. The institution is the root parent Organization of all sub-organizations within the institution.

There are three management roles that you can have on an organization: CPOC (Central Point of Contact), ADMIN and SUPERUSER from the least powerful to the most powerful. If you have a role on an organization you will have at least that role on all its sub-organizations recursively.

Organizations allow you to have a view of a group of users budgets, consumption, resources and manage their access rights and budgets. Organizations can have set of default features that can be adjusted by RosettaHUB at your request to allow anyone under the organization to have higher budget limits or a bigger allowance in terms of instances types.

Managing Organizations





Delete the organization


Create a sub-organization

Add a user


Remove a user


View the organization managers

Add a manager

Remove a manger

Managing Users






Set Regions, Capacities, Services

Stop All, Terminate All


Cleanup All

Go to Aws Console


Masquerade as user


Download, Reset credentials


Reset All


Go to Aws Console as admin


(*) Superuser of the Root Organization

Organizations rules

  1. To create sub-organizations you need to be a manager of at least one Organization.

  2. All sub-organizations should have names that start with the capitalized subdomain of the institution + “-”

  3. If you are the CPOC or ADMIN of an organization, you will have an ADMIN role on sub-organizations that you create. If you are a SUPERUSER of an organization you will be a SUPERUSER of all its sub-organization

  4. You can add a user to an organization where you are ADMIN if you have CPOC role or above on that user as part of another organization

  5. You can add a user to an organization where you are SUPERUSER if you already have a SUPERUSER role on that user as part of another organization

  6. Removing a user from an organization removes the user from all its sub-organizations recursively

  7. You can add/remove a manager that has a role which is the same or below yours on that organization

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