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  1. The CPOC can register the researchers, educators, it managers or students in batch mode by uploading Excel files or ask them to register individually on a RosettaHUB website that is dedicated to their organization. 
  2. The CPOC checks and validates the registrations from the RosettaHUB Registrations panel.
  3. RosettaHUB creates an account for each individual user and assigns the user a cloud account under the master cloud account of the organization. Cloud accounts are monitored using micro-services in order to supervise the budget consumption and the resources' usage in real time and enable the safeguarding capabilities.
  4. RosettaHUB sends a welcome email to each user with their RosettaHUB login and password. Users can access their cloud console from the RosettaHUB federation console or retrieve their cloud keys for programmatic access.
    The two on-boarding options: batch processing via Excel files and individual registrations are described below:
    Gliffy Diagram