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Formations are templates that describe the infrastructure resources, applications, security credentials and Ssl certificates that are necessary to create a service on the cloud. Formations can be launched in one-click. There are 4 types of formations on RosettaHUB: Machine, Machine Pool, EMR Cluster, HPC Cluster. These formations exist in on-demand or in Spot mode. Spot formations allow you to launch Spot/Preemptible cloud machines which come at a substantial discount to machines which can be launched on-demand . More information on EC2 Spot can be found here.machine instances.

Actions on formations

  1. Create: Allows you to create your own formations.
  2. Launch: In one click you can launch formations that you own or formations that are shared with you
  3. Update: Allows you to update formation keys, instance types, maximum bid price, Ssl Certificate
  4. Clone: Allows you to clone a formation that you own or one that is shared with you. The newly create formation will use your default keys and Ssl certificate.
  5. Configure: Allows you to configure the machine launch options and the container settings of the formation
  6. Customize: Allows you to change the label, description and visual icon that is associated with the formation
  7. Share: Allows you to share your formation with a user, group or organization
  8. Publish: Allows you to publish your formation on the Marketplace. Formations need to be shared with "public" before they can be published.
  9. Delete: Allows you to delete your formation